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The Intelligent Investor: A Comprehensive Guide to Value Investing for Long-Term Success

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The Intelligent Investor: A Comprehensive Guide to Value Investing for Long-Term Success

Short Description:

Master value investing and beat the market with Benjamin Graham’s legendary guide. Learn time-tested strategies for stock selection, portfolio management, and long-term success.

Product Description:


Comprehensive guide to value investing principles and practices
Time-tested strategies for stock selection and portfolio management
Focus on long-term success and risk reduction
Written by the father of value investing, Benjamin Graham


Provides a step-by-step approach to value investing
Offers practical guidance on stock analysis and valuation
Includes case studies and examples to illustrate key concepts
Helps investors build a diversified portfolio that aligns with their financial goals


Chapter 1: The Investor and His Objectives: Introduces the principles of value investing and the importance of setting clear investment goals.
Chapter 2: The Intelligent Investor: Discusses the characteristics of a successful investor and the importance of emotional control.
Chapter 3: The Margin of Safety: Explains the concept of the margin of safety and how it can protect investors from losses.
Chapter 4: The Value Line: Provides a framework for analyzing stocks and identifying undervalued opportunities.
Chapter 5: The Defensive Investor: Offers strategies for conservative investors seeking to preserve capital.
Chapter 6: The Enterprising Investor: Explores more aggressive strategies for investors willing to take on more risk.
Chapter 7: The Investor and Inflation: Discusses the impact of inflation on investments and provides strategies for mitigating its effects.
Chapter 8: The Investor and Market Fluctuations: Explains how to navigate market volatility and make sound investment decisions during uncertain times.
Chapter 9: The Investor and His Advisers: Provides guidance on selecting and working with financial advisors.
Chapter 10: The Future of Investing: Offers insights into the future of investing and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


For individual investors seeking to build a long-term, value-based portfolio
For financial advisors looking to enhance their knowledge of value investing
For students and professionals in the finance industry
For anyone interested in understanding the principles and practices of value investing

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