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Atomic Habits: The Proven Framework for Building Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones by James Clear (Paperback/Hardcover) | Personal Transformation | Bestseller | Self-Help

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Atomic Habits: The Proven Framework for Building Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones

By James Clear, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Paperback | Hardcover

Key Features:

Science-based approach: Grounded in the latest scientific research on habit formation.
Practical strategies: Step-by-step instructions for creating and breaking habits.
Habit stacking: Learn how to link new habits to existing ones for easier implementation.
Environmental design: Discover how to shape your environment to support your goals.
Accountability techniques: Strategies for staying motivated and on track.


Transform your life: Achieve your goals, improve your well-being, and live a more fulfilling life.
Build lasting habits: Create habits that stick, even when faced with challenges.
Break bad habits: Eliminate harmful behaviors that hold you back.
Increase productivity: Optimize your time and energy by automating tasks.
Improve mental health: Reduce stress, anxiety, and improve overall mood.

Value Proposition:

Atomic Habits is an indispensable guide for anyone looking to make lasting changes in their life. Its science-based approach, practical strategies, and proven techniques empower readers to:

Take control of their habits: Understand the science behind habit formation and develop strategies to shape their own behaviors.
Achieve their goals: Set clear goals and create habits that align with their aspirations.
Live a more fulfilling life: Break free from negative habits and cultivate positive ones that enhance their well-being and happiness.

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