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Mossad: The True Story of Israel’s Secret Service and Its Daring Missions

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Mossad: The Inside Stories

By Michael Bar-Zohar

Short Description:

A comprehensive and authoritative account of the Mossad, Israel’s legendary intelligence agency, from its inception to the present day.


In-depth analysis of the Mossad’s history, structure, and operations
Exclusive interviews with former Mossad agents and senior officials
Detailed accounts of the agency’s most famous missions, including the capture of Adolf Eichmann and the Entebbe raid
Insights into the Mossad’s role in shaping Israeli foreign policy and national security

Product Categories:

Biographies & Autobiographies

Functionality and Features:

Provides a comprehensive overview of the Mossad’s history, organization, and methods
Explores the agency’s role in major historical events, such as the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War
Analyzes the Mossad’s successes and failures, and its impact on Israeli society
Offers a unique perspective on the world of intelligence and espionage


For readers interested in the history of intelligence agencies
For students of international relations and security studies
For anyone fascinated by the world of espionage and covert operations
For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Mossad’s role in Israeli history and foreign policy

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